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Join us at the AGU Fall Meeting for the NASA Science Explorer (SciX) Launch

American Geophysical Union Meeting Graphic

The American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting is taking place next week (11-15 December) in San Francisco. Join the ADS team as we unveil the much-anticipated NASA Science Explorer (SciX). We will showcase SciX throughout the meeting; here’s a detailed breakdown of the events we have lined up:

Exhibit Hall Schedule:

Join us in the Exhibit Hall at the SciX Booth #649 for a personal introduction to the new SciX platform and to pick up your SciX swag in celebration of the launch. You will find us at the Exhibit Hall:

  • Monday: 3pm-6pm
  • Tuesday: 10am-6pm
  • Wednesday: 10am-6pm
  • Thursday: 10am-1pm

NASA Science Explorer (SciX) Presentation Highlights:

1. Live NASA Science Explorer (SciX) Demonstrations

Kickstart your SciX journey with a live demonstration. Carolyn, Kelly, and Edwin will guide participants through the features of the new SciX digital library portal, providing a quick and easy start to harnessing the power of SciX for scientific literature exploration.

  • Demo #1 with Carolyn Grant

    When: Monday, 11 December, 5:00pm-6:00pm (PDT)
    Where: Exhibit Hall Open Science Pavilion Booth #1415

  • Demo #2 with Kelly Lockhart

    When: Tuesday, 12 December, 11:00am-12:00pm (PDT)
    Where: Exhibit Hall NASA Booth #531, Demo Kiosk #2

  • Demo #3 with Edwin A. Henneken

    When: Thursday, 14 December, 12:00pm-1:00pm (PDT)
    Where: Exhibit Hall Open Science Pavilion Booth #1415

2. Discovering and Accessing Planetary & Earth Science Literature with Edwin A. Henneken

When: Tuesday, 12 December, 2:10pm - 6:30pm (PDT)
Where: Poster Hall A-C - South
AGU Program Link

Edwin A. Henneken invites you to delve into the heart of SciX. In his poster presentation, he’ll introduce the literature-based, open digital information system that unifies the fields of Astrophysics, Planetary Science, Heliophysics, and Earth Science. Discover how SciX enables the exploration of Planetary and Earth Science literature while championing Open Science principles.

3. Building SciX: An Open Access Digital Library Empowering Earth and Space Science Research with Daniel Chivvis

When: Tuesday, 12 December, 2:20pm - 2:30pm (PDT)
Where: 014 - West (Level 2, West, MC)
AGU Program Link

Join Daniel Chivvis for an in-depth look at the content curation method used in developing the SciX Digital Library. Explore how SciX ensures inclusivity by prioritizing Open Access Journals and affiliations with institutions supporting FAIR data principles. Learn how SciX became a hub for accessible scientific research, uniting the scientific community.

4. The NASA Science Explorer (SciX) as a Platform for Open Science with Carolyn Grant

When: Wednesday, 13 December, 2:10-6:30pm (PDT)
Where: Poster Hall A-C - South
AGU Program Link

Carolyn Grant takes center stage, presenting SciX as a platform for Open Science. Built on the success of the NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS), SciX expands its content into Earth sciences. Carolyn unveils how SciX leverages ADS infrastructure to cross-link published literature, preprints, data products, and software packages.

5. NASA Hyperwall SciX Highlight with Alberto Accomazzi

When: Thursday, 14 December, 12:15pm (PDT)
Where: Exhibit Hall NASA Booth #649, Hyperwall

Join Alberto Accomazzi for the grand reveal of the SciX digital library at the NASA Hyperwall. Alberto’s presentation, “Announcing the Launch of the NASA Science Explorer,” marks a monumental moment in the evolution of the Astrophysics Data System into SciX to accelerate the discovery of all NASA Science.

Connect with Us:

If you’re attending AGU and want an exclusive conversation about SciX, reach out to us at We’re eager to set up one-on-one sessions and discuss how SciX can elevate your scientific exploration.

Additionally, as the NASA SciX team continues to grow, we are very interested in speaking with earth science informatics professionals and others who might be interested in playing an active role in the SciX digital library’s ongoing expansion. We will be hiring new staff, convening a SciX advisory group, and launching a community ambassador program. Please come find us in the exhibit hall to learn more about these opportunities to get more involved!

We’re very excited to share the NASA Science Explorer launch with you at AGU and look forward to seeing you soon at booth #649!