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Author Affiliations

The Author Affiliation report allows you to create a list of all coauthors, and their affiliations, for a given author. This is especially useful to meet the requirements of some grant applications, such as for the NSF collaborator form.

To create this report for yourself:

  1. First search for all of your papers using your name, your ORCID ID, or an ADS library of your papers (click the “view library in search results page” button on your library).
  2. From the search results page, click the Export menu in the upper right, then choose “Author Affiliation”.
  3. Use the “authors” and “years” drop down menus at the top of the report to choose the first N number of authors per paper and the past Y number of years (as specified by the grant agency) for the report.
  4. Check over and clean the report, selecting or deselecting your co-authors and their affiliations as needed.
  5. When satisfied, use the drop down menu at the top to select your export format and export the results.