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Positional Field Searches

The pos() operator allows you to search for an item within a field by specifying the position in the field. The syntax for this operator is pos(fieldedquery,position,[endposition]). If no endposition is given, then it is assumed to be endposition = position, otherwise this performs a query within the range [position, endposition]. For example:

Example Results
pos(author:”Oort, J”,2) papers which have “J. Oort” as the second author
pos(author:”Oort, J”,2,2) same as above
pos(author:”Oort, J”,1,3) papers which have “J. Oort” as first, second, or third author
pos(aff:harvard,1) papers for which the first author has a Harvard affiliation
pos(title:M31,1) papers for which the title start with “M31”

Currently the pos() operator works on these fields: author, aff, title.