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Creating and editing a library

There are two ways to create an ADS library:

  1. From the search results page, select your relevant papers, and select the Add papers to library button. Fill in a library name and press submit.

  2. Go the My Account drop down and select ADS Libraries. Press the Create a library button.

a screenshot of the ads search results interface showing the ads libraries button

It is possible to modify the name and description of the library you have created. To do this, simply navigate to the ADS Libraries page from the My Account drop down, at the top right of the web interface. Once there, you can select your library of interest, and press edit on the attribute you would like to modify.

To delete any of the records in your library, simply navigate to the library and press the red x next to the bibcode you do not want in the library. To delete the entire library, navigate to the library page, click on the “View Editing Options” button and select the “Delete library” option. Once deleted, a library is gone forever, so click with caution!