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Library Link Server

Users who have access to electronic resources through their library subscriptions can configure their user preferences so that the appropriate links to the fulltext will be provided when viewing a record in the ADS. If your library provides online linking services, and if it has provided the relevant information to ADS, all you have to do is select the proper entry in your preferences under Library Link Server. If you find an entry for your institute, select it and click on the Apply button. If not, please contact your electronic resources librarian and request that they email the information about your institute’s OpenURL server to us, at, so that we can include this in our menu selection.

Once you have selected your Library Link Server, you can go back and search the ADS as usual. Whenever viewing a record for a paper which has full-text content available online from a publisher, you will notice that a new link named “My institution” will appear. Following the link will take you to your library’s link resolver, which will give you a list of options available to you for obtaining the full-text content. Please note that the availability of a library link in the ADS does not necessarily mean that the full-text content will be available to you, as this determination is done by your Library Link Server. However, in general the library server will have the most relevant and complete information about a document’s availability to you as a patron.